The One Document You Need To Write This Valentine’s Day

Published: 07/02/2019

When we love somebody and intend to spend our lives with them, there are a number of milestones that naturally come to mind - a proposal, marriage, buying a house together, getting your first pet, having children, celebrating anniversaries and so forth… 

But these aren’t the only important stepping stones for couples in love. 

When building a life together, responsible couples also need to consider, sooner rather than later, writing their wills

Thinking about you and your spouse’s or partner’s dying wishes might not seem like the most lovey dovey way to spend February 14 - and by all means, treat your significant other to a lovely meal out , a special gift or a beautiful bouquet of flowers

However, at the end of the day, what could be more romantic than expressing to your loved one how much you care about what happens to them, and your family unit, after one of you is gone? Writing a will is the only way to ensure that the ones you love will be protected once you pass away. It becomes even more important once you have shared assets together and of course, children. 

What is a will

A will, simply put, expresses your wishes once you have died. It is a legally-binded document and one of the most important documents you’ll ever make in your lifetime. 

What does a will cover?

Most people use their will to outline what should happen to their property, money, possessions, investments and other assets (your ‘estate’) after they pass on. A will can also: 

Name an executor or executors (this is someone who will take care of the will holder’s estate, according to the wishes stated in the will)

• Decide how debts and taxes will be paid

• Name guardians for children and property

Provide for pets 

Leave donations to, for example, a charity you care about 

Do all types of couples need a will?

Yes. You and your loved ones should all have a will. In fact, here at GWlegal we advise that everybody over the age of 18 writes a will.

A will is particularly important for unmarried couples - because, under the law, your partner won’t have any automatic legal rights to your estate if you pass away. How your estate is divided in your absence, according to law, probably wouldn’t align with your actual wishes. A will, will ensure that your affairs are looked after in the way you intended. 

Couples Wills, or Joint or Mirror Wills, are wills that are designed for couples who typically wish to leave everything to each other and the same beneficiaries.

Marriage and wills 

Even if you have already made a will prior to getting married, you will need to do so again once you a wed, as your marriage revokes any previously made will unless you specifically state in the existing will, that your intended marriage is not to automatically revoke it . Without a will, intestacy rules would apply. Bottom line - regardless of whether you or not you a married, you must make a will! 

Find out more about updating your will.

Purchasing a home and your will

Congratulations - you’ve just purchased your first property with your beloved partner! Depending upon how you co own your new home, you will need to update your will to include what should happen to this new asset, should one of you pass away. Otherwise your partner could find themselves in a precarious situation. Read our article about how property ownership can go wrong.

Children (and pets) and your will

A will can protect the most beloved people in your life, children and fur babies included. The moment additions are made to your family, it is vital that you update your will to account for them and what you want to happen if you die. We know nobody likes to think about that, but it’s better for everyone if those you love are protected, no matter what. 

I’m single. Do I still need a will?

Absolutely! Everybody needs a will. Otherwise your assets will be distributed according to the law, which may not align with your own personal wishes. 

Single people can make a Single Will, which is a Will for one person who has their own individual wishes. Please note that couples can also decide to make one of these types of wills each. 

How to write a will

While you can write a will on your own, our experienced and qualified solicitors can help you understand which type of will best suits your circumstances before sensitively guiding you through the writing of your will, ensuring your loved ones are protected and provided for in exactly the way you would want.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our will writing service and will storage service

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