Stay safe this bank holiday weekend

Published: 23/05/2014

As we look forward to our fourth bank holiday in five weeks, we are urging people not to drink and drive particularly following the recent spell of good weather.

Bank holidays often see many of us ‘celebrating on Sunday’, making the most of the alarm-less Monday morning. Throw in a decent amount of sunshine and the drinks are guaranteed to flow. However it is essential that drinkers make suitable travel arrangements when the night does draw to a close.

Drink driving is still a major problem in the UK, accounting for 16 per cent of road traffic accident fatalities and 5 per cent of all serious injuries. 29 per cent of those killed were other road users (i.e. not the driver over the legal limit).

Personal injury solicitor, Kevin Smith, comments:

“You never quite know how long the sun is going to make an appearance for so we always make sure to ‘get it while we can’ and if we’re lucky enough for it to grace the skies on a bank holiday weekend then we count ourselves extra lucky!

“A sunny bank holiday often involves BBQs and beer gardens. However many of us armed with the good intention of not drinking tend to drive to the event only to then get caught up with all the fun in the sun. Some may then decide to ‘just have one’, and that can turn into a couple more. They’re then left with the dilemma of what to do with the car.

“Many will immediately come to the right decision and opt to pick the car up the next day but others will consider driving, potentially justifying their decision with such excuses as ‘it’s only round the corner’ or ‘I’ve only had a couple and it was over a good few hours’.

“The bottom line is it is not worth the risk – to you and to others – to consume any alcohol then drive whether you think you will be below the legal limit or not. So if you’ve got bank holiday plans and there is the distinct possibility that alcohol is involved, do everyone a favour and leave the car at home.”

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