Save 25% on all future remortgages and purchases

Published: 18/02/2014

Landlords can save 25% on all their future property transactions including remortgages, purchases and sales once they become a Premier Client Club member^.

Premier Client Club rewards loyalty. By signing up during your transaction, you are then entitled to a number of discounts off future cases including:

  • 25% Sale, Purchase and Remortgage
  • 10% Wills and Probate^.

Every client has the option to join Premier Client Club for a one-off fee of £40 (+ VAT).

This is a particular great scheme for landlords who tend to purchase and remortgage property more frequently than a residential homeowner and can pay for itself in one future transaction.

For example:

You’re a landlord who wants to buy a new property for your portfolio. It’s currently on the market for £125,000. However, in order to raise the deposit, you need to remortgage one of your existing properties.

Take out Premier Client Club during your remortgage transaction then, when you instruct us on the purchase of your property, you’ll get 25% off our fees^.

In this instance you’d save £112.25!

^Excludes VAT and disbursements

Content correct at time of publication

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