Road accident risk as more drivers caught speeding

Published: 27/06/2013

More drivers are committing the most serious speeding offences, according to new court figures.

In 2012 48,000 drivers – just under 1,000 drivers a week - received a court summons after significantly exceeding the speed limit, an increase of nearly 10%.

In order to receive a court summons for speeding a driver would have be travelling well above the set speed limit. For example a driver would have to travelling at 96 mph on a motorway to be issued with a summons.

However there are fears these figures are just the tip of the iceberg as many motorists admit to regularly exceeding the speed without detection; 14% memorise the location of police patrols and speed cameras while 16% rely on vehicle technology such as sat navs to alert them to nearby cameras.

With more road users driving at excessive speeds there is an increased risk of road traffic accidents.

Drivers exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast for the conditions were involved in 12 per cent of all road traffic accidents and 25 per cent of all accident fatalities, according to Department of Transport’s Reported Road Casualties Annual Report.

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