Risk of road traffic accidents after winter weather erodes roads

Published: 12/05/2014

We may be full of the joys of spring but our roads are still bearing the brunt of the wintry weather.

According to road safety charity, fillthathole.org.uk, there is already a defect every 110 metres on UK roads. But after experiencing the wettest winter since 1766, our roads have taken somewhat of a battering with flooding eroding road surfaces and significantly increasing the risk of new potholes forming.

The government is making attempts to resolve the issues and improve roads with a £383million emergency fund. However this figure has been described by the AA as a ‘drop in the ocean’; potholes are already causing £730million in damages to vehicles each year, not to mention the increased risk of road accidents.

Personal injury solicitor, Kevin Smith, comments:

“Driving over potholes can cause serious damage to the suspension, steering and bodywork of a vehicle which, if left unrepaired, can then contribute to an accident further down the line. However trying to avoid potholes is also fraught with danger; drivers swerving to try and avoid a pothole could collide with another road user or see them lose control of their vehicle.

“Should you drive over a pothole we strongly advise you get your vehicle checked immediately to avoid a road traffic accident.”

Content correct at time of publication

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