Rising energy bills leaving children out in the cold

Published: 05/02/2014

New figures have revealed that over 2 million children are ‘growing up cold’ as parents are unable to cope with rising energy prices and face the possibility of being served a statutory demand.

There are now 460,000 more children living in fuel poverty than there were a year ago, an increase of 26 per cent.

Whilst these figures are saddening they are unfortunately not all together that surprising with energy prices rising at up to eight times the rate of earnings. In the last three years energy bills have risen by 37 per cent with warnings they could rise by a further 50% in the next six years. Wages, on the other hand, have increased by just 4.4% since October 2010.

Statutory Demand Solicitor, Andrew Watson, understands parents are in an impossible situation:

“The idea of not being able to protect and provide for your children is utterly heartbreaking for a parent so it is no wonder why many who are in financial difficulty are burying their heads in the sands and carrying on ‘as normal’. This means turning up the heating if their children are cold or buying them the food they like during the weekly shop.

“However ‘as normal’ can’t exist if you receive a statutory demand and more importantly neither should burying your head because this ‘problem’ is not going to magically go away.

“It can however be set aside with our help. At Goldsmith Williams we work with people who have received a statutory demand and try and help have it set aside or have the debt reduced. But we can only do this if you contact us as quickly as you can.

“Once you receive a statutory demand you have just 18 days from the date it was served to either reach an agreement with the creditor or apply to set it aside. If after 21 days you have not done anything the creditor has the right to apply to the court to declare you bankrupt.”

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Content correct at time of publication

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