Quality of service still important in delivery of consumer demand for online conveyancing

Published: 23/01/2015

40% of consumers are demanding online access to conveyancing services according to a recent study by YouGov. The survey investigated the consumer habits of both buyers and sellers within the residential property market and showed that consumers are increasingly seeking out online tools and support.

‘This doesn’t come as a great surprise really’ explained Eddie Goldsmith, Senior Partner at Goldsmith Williams. ‘In my own firm we’ve often been at the forefront of cutting edge technology exactly because that’s what the market was demanding.

Our development of GW Live ten years ago now was in response to introducers requests enabling them to proactively manage the progression of their cases. That same desire for proactive management is now driving consumer demand. Interestingly we talked about client access at that time but many introducers were hesitant about such a development feeling that their role was to support and guide the client through the process and manage progress on the client’s behalf.

Times have moved on and as this survey shows clients are now increasingly demanding online access to manage their own affairs. Our client offer for conveyancing harnesses all current technology including online quotations and client access through an online account that’s also available through an App enabling the client to monitor and manage their own case progress on the move. Take up for these services has been high and what’s interesting is the particular enthusiasm amongst our Equity Release clients showing that the demand for online access spans all generations.

However enabling online access for clients is only one aspect of improving the customer experience – equally important is the delivery of a quality service. Introducers and clients alike should look for quality accreditations such as the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme alongside the provision of online access to ensure a smooth customer journey.’

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