Public Liability Claims cost city council £50,000

Published: 05/09/2011

We’re told as children to look both ways before we cross the road. However, in Sheffield, it seems it is just as important to look at the ground you’re walking on; the city’s council paid out £50,000 in compensation for personal injuries caused by the poor state of its roads, footpaths and public open spaces in the last financial year.

Details of the claims were brought to light in the city’s local newspaper, The Star, after a request made under the Freedom of Information Act.

Top 10 personal injury compensation payments by Sheffield Council April 2010 - March 2011:

  1. £11,250 Slip and fall due to loose tarmac causing a fracture to the left hip and left wrist.
  2. £5,450 Trip due to uneven kerb edging causing fracture to elbow.
  3. £4,500 Trip in open space causing grazing and bruising to face, knees and hand, two chipped teeth, possible nerve damage.
  4. £4,500 Trip over wiring protruding into footpath causing injury to left knee.
  5. £3,000 Fall through a damaged manhole cover causing bruising and grazing to right thigh, and a painful right wrist.
  6. £2,853.80 Fall over temporary sewerage drainage cover causing fracture to hand and soft tissue damage to leg.
  7. £2,785 Trip and fall due to uneven pavement causing a fractured wrist.
  8. £2,740 Trip and fall due to raised kerb causing injury to ribs, bruising and swelling to knee and face.
  9. £2,300 Fall due to pothole causing ligament injury to right ankle.
  10. £2,150 Fall over pothole causing bruising and ligament damage to elbow and shoulder, and laceration to eye¹.

Cllr. Leigh Bramhall is a Sheffield Council cabinet member for environment and transport. He commented on the city’s annual personal injury compensation bill:

“We will be starting the Highways PFI next year which will see public pavements and footpaths improved and should lead to fewer accidents for pedestrians.

“We are aware many pavements and roads in the city are not up to standard at present, which is why we are determined to begin these improvements as quickly as possible.”¹

¹The Star (Sept 2011)

Content correct at time of publication

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