Property Turn-Offs For Homebuyers

Published: 03/09/2020

When it comes to selling your property, first impressions are vital. If you don’t immediately leave a positive, lasting impression then you’re bound to miss out on the sale. Here are some of the biggest property turn offs for potential homebuyers, and how you can avoid it happening to you.


Clutter should be near the very top of your list of things to avoid when selling. Clutter can make rooms throughout the property feel much smaller than they are and give the impression that there is a lack of storage space available.

Give yourself a week or two to have a big clear out. Put what you want to keep in one pile and items you can do without in another and either look to sell or give away to local charities. If you end up in a predicament where you want to keep all items, then it might be worth considering storing them away on a temporary basis, whether that’s purchasing big storage boxes or leaving them with family or friends until the house viewings are complete and sale goes through.


Your home could look very welcoming and in pristine condition, but that’s only half the battle when selling. If your home has persistent odours such as cigarette smoke, smells of pets, dampness or bin waste, it can damage the chances of a potential sale.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you’ve got any upcoming house viewings booked in, crack open a window or two, let the fresh air get rid of the smells, consider using air fresheners or scented candles in different rooms and empty the bins.

Transport Noise

Although you can’t do anything about the noise levels if you live near a train station or busy main road, there are ways you can try reducing it when indoors. Although it may initially be a costly outlay, adding double or triple glazing windows throughout the home may help reduce the noise and in turn increase the chances of a sale, as well as bumping up the overall property value.

Bad Presentation & Hosting

It’s integral that you make your home look in the best condition possible upon having any house viewings booked in. Even if it’s small and affordable fixes such as applying a fresh coat of paint for each room, updating some furniture to make it look more presentable, it’ll do the world of good in the long-run.

Coupled with this, if you’re the person hosting the house viewings then you, yourself is a big factor in determining whether offers for the property are to come in. If you’re seen as a positive, well organised, approachable and helpful host with answering questions or queries, this too is likely to have a positive effect on successfully making the sale. Prepare yourself as much as possible by doing research beforehand to ensure all viewing experiences are positive and familiarise yourself with a range of common questions that you may be asked, so you’re able to look as professional as possible.

Outlandish Property Prices

The property price is the most important factor to consider when selling. If you’re looking at a particular target market, it needs to be set at a realistic price that will appeal to them. We all would love nothing more than making a huge profit but you’re less likely to gather any attraction if the property is listed at an unrealistic price. You will also need to consider the lowest price you’re willing to go to, as you may receive a range of offers that don’t initially meet your target.

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