Properties that go bump in the night

Published: 31/10/2014

It’s Halloween but for one in seven people in the UK believe their home is haunted it isn’t just today when they have experienced an unworldly encounter.

According to a survey by Ocean Finance;

  • 47% have felt a ‘presence’
  • 29% have experienced ‘strange and unearthly chills’ around the property
  • A fifth have seen items within the property move on their own
  • 16% believe they have seen a ghost.

The impact of ghosts on property sales

This may appear a little extreme but having an unwanted house guest could cause a problem should you come to sell your property.

  • 30% of people would be put off buying a property if someone had died there
  • 23% of people would be discouraged from buying a property close to a graveyard
  • 9% of people would not live in a property numbered 13

Non-scary sales

Buying and selling a property can be a daunting experience, particularly if it’s your first time. We have been helping people buy and sell their homes for over 30 years and can ensure you’re not in for a frightful time!

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