Private landlords are a right bunch of Handy Andys

Published: 10/08/2013

Private landlords are saving themselves thousands of pounds in maintenance costs by possessing a wide range of DIY skills, according to latest research by BDRC Continental’s Landlord Panel.

In the survey, landlords revealed that maintenance accounted for almost half of their yearly running costs. As a result, many have learnt to turn their hand to some impressive DIY-ing.

Much more to it than changing a light bulb!

Some of the DIY achievements revealed in the survey included:

  • Increasing the pressure on a boiler
  • Draining a radiator
  • Unblocking a toilet
  • Plumbing a washing machine or dishwasher
  • Repair a broken window.

However whilst tending to repairs themselves can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds, it could end up costing landlords considerably more than an external quote as solicitor and Head of GW LET, Rob Denman, explains:

“It is easy to understand why landlords would, in the first instance, try the DIY approach when it comes to maintenance and repairs. However it is essential they really do have the proper skills, experience and, where appropriate, qualifications to undertake such work.

“If they don’t and something was to go wrong, or the tenant was injured as a result of inadequate maintenance, then a landlord could end up facing a compensation claim which their public liability insurance would be unlikely to cover.”

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