PPI mis selling – the scandal that’s not going away

Published: 01/05/2015

In a month where the FCA fined Clydesdale Bank £20.6m for serious failings in the way it handled complaints regarding mis sold payment protection insurance and Which reported that the banks bill for mis sold PPI has now reached £24.4bn Solicitor Paul Cahill reflects on the PPI mis selling scandal.

“Who would have thought when people first started looking to reclaim mis sold PPI that we’d still be dealing with new PPI mis selling claims so many years later. I’ve been working in this area of law for a number of years now, pretty much since these claims started, and the breadth of mis selling has really shocked me.

“What I’ve found equally shocking is the number of people who have been slow in making a claim. There has been extensive publicity about mis sold PPI and indeed about other bank mis selling, even so there are still people who have yet to reclaim mis sold PPI. I’m not altogether sure why that is. For some perhaps it’s because they don’t know if they’ve got PPI, whilst others feel they haven’t got the time to pursue a case. I’d urge anyone who falls into either of these categories to get in touch with us right away. The service we offer is very much geared to address these concerns.

“We conduct a full review for our clients paying for a Subject Access Request from their bank on their behalf. All our clients need to do is check and sign a short form. We check for any mis sold PPI including any overlooked policies and also whether our clients are due any refunds of additional charges triggered by PPI. It really is as simple as that.

“Whilst the PPI mis selling scandal is currently the scandal that’s not going away there’s no guarantee that the opportunity to reclaim mis sold PPI will be available for ever. If you’ve yet to claim then what better time to get in touch than now!”

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Content correct at time of publication

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