Poor roads could lead to more cycling accidents

Published: 01/05/2014

There are fears the recent spell of lovely spring weather could result in an increase in cycling accidents as more commuters opt to saddled up and cycle into work.

A large percentage of cycling accidents are caused by the negligence of other road users. The most common accidents occur when:

  • A driver does not give cyclists enough space
  • Drivers turn left, without indicating, straight into the path of the cyclist
  • Driver joins a main road from a side road
  • Driver, when parked, opens their vehicle door.

But other road users are just one of the dangers contributing to cycling accidents; the other primary cause is the condition of UK roads. According to fillthathole.org.uk, part of the national cycling charity (CTC), there is one road defect for every 110 metres of road.

Personal Injury Solicitor, Kevin Smith, comments:

“We are helping many cyclists who have been injured in an accident. While many presume these accidents are as a result of other road users, there are a number which are caused by potholes and other road defects.

“If you have been injured on your bike or if your bike has been damaged in a cycling accident and it wasn’t your fault, then we could help you recover compensation.”

Content correct at time of publication

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