Police crackdown on motorists driven to distraction

Published: 14/10/2013

Nearly 200 motorists have been prosecuted for driving offences in a recent police operation which targeted driving distractions in a bid to reduce road traffic accidents.

Operation Tramline was a five-day police operation across the motorways of Hampshire and the Thames Valley. During the operation officers drove an unmarked lorry cab and, from their elevated position, caught a number of driving offences on film.

Examples of driving distractions

  • Male driver having a shave using a razor and a water bottle
  • Female driver apply make up in the rear view mirror
  • Lorry driver brushing his teeth
  • Van drivers reading a newspaper
  • Motorists using iPads.

There were also numerous examples of motorists driving whilst using their mobile phone.

In total there were 198 offences with all drivers fined £100 and receiving three points on their licence.

Sergeant Paul Dimond comments on the operation:

“Many of the people stopped agreed with the police action and were very embarrassed having been caught.

“The vast majority were holding phones in their laps and accessing application or texting with their hands help low – this can be very dangerous.

“These offences are being committed by otherwise law abiding and hardworking people. Unfortunately it is the same group of people who are being hurt as a result of the accidents.

“Distracted driving is proven to be a significant factor in many of the collisions on our roads.”

According to the Department of Transport’s latest Reported Road Casualties Annual Report, over 4000 road accidents injuries were caused by a driver being distracted, 120 of which resulted in a fatality.

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