One in five UK roads are in ‘poor condition’

Published: 05/07/2013

The Local Government Association fears another spell of bad weather could bring many UK roads ‘to its knees’ and could even cause an influx of road traffic accidents.

The prolonged bad weather including a rather treacherous winter has caused an estimated £1billion of damage and yet, while councils have repaired over 2 million potholes, the backlog continues to grow.

“Further severe weather could now lead to a tipping point in many areas where roads will become so damaged they will have to close,” comments the LGA.

“Without extra government funding to pay for desperately needed resurfacing more severe weather could bring parts of the country to its knees.”

On average a road user currently encounters 6.25 potholes per mile. But with budgets slashed this number is likely to rise thus increasing the risk of road traffic accidents.

There are a number of ways potholes can contribute to road traffic accidents; drivers, in an attempt to avoid a pothole, could swerve and lose control of their vehicle and even collide with another road user. Potholes can also damage the steering and suspension of a vehicle which, too, could result in an accident.

If you notice any bulges in the tyre wall, any misalignment of the steering wheel or feel any odd vibrations after encountering a pothole, it is essential you get your vehicle checked immediately.

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