No delays: Goldsmith Williams’ clients receiving IRS redress offers

Published: 23/09/2013

Whilst many businesses continue to play the waiting game for any kind of redress for interest rate swaps mis selling, Goldsmith Williams has already started receiving offers of compensation on behalf of clients.

Despite over a year having passed since the FCA initial review into the sales practice of interest rate swaps, only a handful of businesses have received any form of redress.

Many have blamed the delays on the FCA review scheme which, in the absence of any set deadlines, has allowed lenders to dictate timeframes. But whilst many businesses sit and wait for lenders to contact them, those who have sought specialist legal representation have chosen to be proactive, a tactic which seems to have played dividends.

Simon Cottrell is one of the Senior Partners at Goldsmith Williams:

“Whilst there is no tried and tested way to speed up a claim for interest rate swaps mis selling, choosing to be proactive rather than inactive has always been our philosophy.

“Within a matter of weeks on one case, Barclays have admitted liability and an initial offer of redress has been made to our client.”

Content correct at time of publication

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