New fast-track eviction process launched but will it really help landlords?

Published: 29/10/2014

After all the new rules and regulations recently imposed on landlords in an attempt to rid the private rental market of bad practice, attention has finally been turned to combating rogue tenants. However do the new rules, allowing landlords to speed up the eviction process of anti-social tenants, go far enough? Rob Denman considers:

“Under these changes private and social landlords are able to use a tenant’s previous convictions for serious anti-social behavior to initiate eviction proceedings. While this is definitely a step forward, I can’t help but feel it is a somewhat ‘gently gently’ approach compared to the ‘guns blazing’ attitude attributed to laws imposed on landlords.

“Anti-social tenants, whilst definitely a problem, are a small part of a much bigger picture. While the term anti-social behaviour could also encompass a whole host of negative attributes - I, for example, would say deliberately withholding rent is incredibly ‘anti-social’ - yet a landlord would not be able evict a tenant in rent arrears under the new fast tracked system.

“Ask any landlord what their biggest frustration or fear is and I would hazard a guess that it is being bound by red tape when it comes to evicting tenants in rent arrears. That someone who is deliberately failing to pay rent remains protected by the law. And yet these changes appear to side step this completely.

“I can’t help but feel that this change has only been implemented to appease the growing voice of landlord supporters such as ourselves. However by ignoring the primary issue this has only waved a red rag in the face of landlords as they find themselves no further forward in minimising the impact of rent arrears.”

Landlords, however, do not need to solve their rent arrears conundrum alone. GW LET is dedicated to helping landlords settle disputes and assist with tenant eviction. If you are encountering problems with your tenants and would legal help and advice, contact our team today.

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