Mother's Day Gifts 2019

Published: 25/03/2019

Mums, aren’t they just the best?

Here at GWlegal we reckon that mums should be celebrated every day, although we do think it’s nice that they get a dedicated national day too!

Mother’s Day, like most ‘holidays’, has its roots in religious tradition. Traditionally, ‘Mothering Sunday’ is the fourth Sunday of Lent for christians. It was a day when mainly daughters (often working away from home as domestic servants) were granted the day off to visit their mother and family. Today, as we all know, it is a day when children give presents, flowers and cards to their mums. 

Ahead of Mother’s Day (Sunday 31 March), we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some recent trends surrounding the special day in the UK…

In 2018, the following amounts were spent on mums across the country:

• Cards: £50 million

• Flowers: £260 million

• Personal services (spa, pedicure): £1.8 billion

• Total retail sales: £1.4b

• Average spend her person: £58

Last-minute purchases are highly likely in the UK and the US alike, with high percentages of individuals researching online before making their purchase in a physical store.

The most popular Mother’s Day gifts in the UK include:

• Gardening tools and housewares

• Music or books (digital or physical)

• Jewelry

• Brunch, lunch or dinner

• Gift cards

• Personal services, such as spa day or retreats

• Consumer electronics

• Clothing


Unique and unusual Mother’s Day gift ideas

A personalised gin & tonic glass

• A bottle of prosecco customised with a picture of you and your mum

• A brightly coloured instant camera to capture special, spontaneous family pics on

• A personalised heritage plaque

• A really special card

• A fun ‘Best Mum’ headband

• A Virgin Experience day:

• The most beautiful pair of scissors

• A unique floral tribute to muml

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