Most Affordable Areas To Purchase A Property For First Time Buyers

Published: 15/10/2020

The time has come for you to make your move onto the property ladder and purchase your first home. Exciting times ahead! But have you considered where would be best suited for you and your requirements?

We look at some of the most affordable areas for first-time buyers to purchase a property in. According to Ideal Home, the following are the top 10 most affordable areas for first-time buyers to consider, based off Zoopla’s average house listing:

Sunderland – Average 15% house deposit cost £21,665

Barnsley – Average 15% house deposit cost £22,032

Birkenhead – Average house cost £109,041

Blackpool – Average house cost £120,774

Hartlepool – Average house cost £122,375

St Helens – Average house cost £124,644

Middlesbrough – Average house cost £134,768

Gateshead – Average house cost £134,825

Bradford – Average house cost £140,076

Stockton-on-Tees – Average house cost £144,389

Purchasing a property will be one of the biggest things you do in your life, so it’s vital that you take the time to look around and try to bag yourself the best deal possible.

If you’re looking to complete a purchase before the end of the year, the most important factor to consider is location, location, location!

If you’re not based in England and looking to purchase a property somewhere else throughout the UK, the following are deemed some of the most affordable cities to live in, according to Hometrack:

Most affordable cities to live in England:

Liverpool – average house costs £121,000
Newcastle – average house costs £127,000
Sheffield – average house costs £138,000
Nottingham – average house costs £158,000

Most affordable cities to live in Scotland:

Glasgow – average house costs £118,000
Aberdeen – average house costs £143,000
Edinburgh – average house costs £232,000

Most affordable cities to live in Wales:

Cardiff – average house costs £210,000

Most affordable cities to live in Northern Ireland:

Belfast – average house costs £137,000

What do these findings mean for potential home buyers?

It is important to understand that these areas may not be suitable to all budgets. However, if you were considering purchasing a property, then now may be a very opportunistic time to make the move. The market is unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to take advantage of certain peaks and dips that present themselves, depending on whether you’re looking to purchase or sell a property.

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