Men at higher risk of causing road accidents after drink drive figures released

Published: 10/09/2013

27 per cent of male drivers have admitted to driving whilst over the legal drink drive limit, according to a recent poll by You Gov and insurer Admiral.

In the same survey 10 per cent of women admitted to the same offence, demonstrating a definite driving attitude between the sexes with women seemingly more aware of the dangers of drink driving and the increased risk of road traffic accidents. 11 per cent of men also insisted they were fully capable of driving after having three alcoholic drinks, compared to just 1% of women.

It is estimated that 5 per cent of all road casualties occur when someone is driving over the legal alcohol limit.

According to the latest drinking and driving report from the Department of Transport, over 1500 road users were killed or serious injured in a drink-drive related road traffic accident in 2011, an increase of 5% of the previous year.

Yet despite these saddening statistics, this latest survey suggests many drivers remain oblivious to the dangers or at least to their tolerance levels; only 13 per cent of those polled knew the legal blood alcohol limit for driving.

Sue Longthorn is the Managing Director at Admiral:

“It's vital that people are aware of how much alcohol they are consuming when they are due to drive, and remember that drink driving is not acceptable in any shape or form and it's never worth the risk.

“The difference between men and women in our research is a worry, as it appears the anti-drink driving message is getting through to women, but not so effectively with men. The amount of alcohol in someone's blood is the same, regardless of their gender.”

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