Landlord losing streak in tenant deposit disputes continues

Published: 13/03/2013

Landlords must undertake a thorough inventory of all their properties in order to minimise the risk of losing a tenant deposit dispute, warns GW LET.

According to figures from the Tenant Deposit Scheme (TDS) landlords won just over a third (35.8%) of all disputes in 2011-12 with ‘insufficient evidence’ the primary cause for this low margin.

By not compiling robust and detailed inventories landlords are leaving themselves at risk in the most common tenancy disputes such as cleaning, damage to the property and redecoration.

Rob Denman is one of the solicitors behind GW LET, the bespoke landlord service from landlord and tenant law experts Goldsmith Williams:

“There continues to be a general lack of understanding amongst landlords surrounding the kind of evidence required in order to succeed in a tenant deposit dispute. This is clearly apparent from the poor record highlighted by the TDS’s latest figures.

“While compiling an inventory is a time-consuming activity, it is an essential part of a landlord duties; neglecting it could, and is, costing landlords dearly.”

GW LET offers legal advice for landlords including advising on tenancy deposit protection and disputes. If you are a landlord in need of legal help regarding a tenancy dispute, contact our dedicated team.

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