Landlord, it’s cold inside!

Published: 11/11/2014

As temperatures dip, we begin to find ourselves reaching for the thermostat. However 80 per cent of UK tenants are concerned about turning up the heat and over 50 per cent claim they experience cold homes during the winter months.

Yet despite this over two thirds of tenants have never asked their landlord to improve the energy efficiency in their property.

According to figures there are approximately 400,000 private rental properties in an F or G energy band. Critics will undoubtedly use this as fuel for the rogue landlord fire so we’re urging landlords to be proactive and find out if their properties are at their most efficient, particularly as of 2018 landlords will be unable to let properties with an F or G energy ratings. Rob Denman comments:

“All tenants deserve to live in a warm property and it is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure their property is energy efficient.

“There are schemes, such as the Green Deal, available to residential landlords which could help minimise the cost of any improvements that are required. This can include loft insulation, draught proofing, new boilers and windows and cavity wall insulation.

“Given the forthcoming implication on landlords it’s a good idea to make the necessary improvements sooner rather than later and avoid any void periods down the line. Having an energy efficient property is also a massive selling point to tenants who, as this research indicates, are growing increasingly concerned about the cost of energy.”

Top tip! Around three million households are owed money from their energy supplier. This includes home owners and tenants alike. Make sure your tenants are aware of this as they could be sitting in credit whilst sitting in the cold! Find out how to reclaim for free

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