Lancashire schools facing £1.2m personal injury bill

Published: 08/11/2012

In the last six years, schools throughout Lancashire have paid out £1.2m in compensation to pupils who have been injured in an accident at school.

Last year slips, trips and falls cost Lancashire schools £360,000; this year the total currently stands at £258,000. This is up from £42,250 in 2006, once again sparking criticism of the personal injury industry and the so called “compensation culture”.

George Adam is the Pendle County Councillor:

“I am flabbergasted that it has gone up so much. It is a big concern. It has spiralled so much in six years and this money is probably coming off the school’s budget.”

While the councillor’s reaction is understandable, it is essential children are schooled in a safe environment. Should the school fail to provide this, the injured party has a right to compensation.

Example of personal injury cases and the compensation received

Accident Compensation received
Pupil caught hand in drilling machine during technology lesson, resulting in dismemberment of right little finger £26,500
Pupil injured teeth as a result of tripping over floor covering £14,868
Pupil sustained two fractures of the arm during a trampolining lesson £11,414
Pupil sustained two broken toes when table tennis collapsed on to their foot £6,625
Pupil caught leg in protruding nail and sustained severe laceration to the leg £5,850
Pupil pricked thumb on a needle in school grounds and had to undergo a series of screening tests £2,500
A stack of tables fell on to the pupil’s foot, resulting in injury £2,250

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