Key Questions That Can Save You Thousands When Buying A House

Published: 06/06/2024

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or considering selling your current home to buy your dream home, there are a lot of things to check and look out for when you decide what property is best for you.

How do you check that the house doesn’t have any underlying issues or costly problems? We look at some questions you should consider asking in order to ensure you’re purchasing a property that doesn’t require expensive repairs.

How old is the boiler and when was it last serviced?

Boilers tend to cater for a large percentage of your heating bills and as they get older, they will become more prone to breakdowns and needing various repair jobs. That’s why it is important to ask the question of how old the boiler is and also when it was last serviced.

On average, the length of time a boiler lasts is between 10-15 years, depending on the maintenance and condition it is kept in throughout that time. So if you view a property and the current homeowners (or estate agents) explain that it is approaching 10-15 years since it was fitted, it might be wise to consider budgeting for a replacement should you make an offer on the property.

The prices for boilers can vary, with the average price around £4,000-5,000+ so you should definitely factor this in any decision you make when purchasing a property.

How old are the windows and frames? Do they suffer from condensation?

The average length of time windows tend to last on a house is around 10-15 years. Once they reach that age, the seals start to weaken or fail to shut, resulting in more draughts and potential water seepage. On average, the costs for a new and frame can range from £600-2,000 depending on what option you decide to choose.

Condensation on windows is often an indicator of larger underlying issues in the house that will require both attention and investment in over time. Although condensation can be marked down as a minor problem early on, over time it can affect the insulation, ventilation and potential indoor moisture.

Avoiding this and only treating the condensation instead of considering new windows and frames, could lead to a very costly outlay down the line.

What fittings and fixtures will be included in the sale?

It’s always worth double checking with the sellers what fittings and fixtures they intend to include (if any) in the sale. Although it might not be that common, some homeowners tend to leave carpet and the blinds with the buyer.

If you were to replace blinds, the average costs can start from £1,000+ depending on the style and amount you want fitting. Elsewhere, getting new carpet and underlay can start at £1,000+ and rise up to £3,000+, again depending on what style you wish to go for and how much of it is required throughout the property.

Is the house damp-proof and if it is, when was it done?

Dampness throughout the property can eventually damage the brickwork and plaster, but also potentially affect the structural integrity of the building down the line.

Should you locate any damp-related issues throughout the property (this can usually be found when hiring a company to do a property survey report), the average cost for a damp-proof course could start from £700-800, depending on where it is located and how much is needed.

Do you require a parking permit outside the house?

You will need to consider whether the property requires a parking permit, and if so, what costs will be incurred. When you view the property, this should definitely be a question you need to ask, especially if it doesn’t have it’s own driveway etc.

How fast is the internet speed?

Whether it’s streaming your favourite movies or boxsets to gaming online, the internet has become a regular feature of a household over the years. In order to have a fast and stable connection, you will require at least 200mps, if not 500mps (depending on the area and surrounding areas). If it is lower than this, you may need to invest in a Wi-Fi booster to enhance your signal. Prices for the more advanced Wi-Fi boosters can go as high as £100.

The average costs of internet, depending on the provider you decide to go with and package deal you choose, can be as high as £100+.

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