Just Three Months Left To Claim - Check Your PPI Now

Published: 09/05/2019

There are just three months left to check if you were ever mis-sold PPI (payment protection insurance). The deadline to submit your PPI claim is 29 August 2019. The clock is ticking!

If you do not submit your claim for PPI before this deadline, you will never see the hundreds or even thousands of pounds that are potentially owed to you by a bank or lender.

PPI is thought to have been mis-sold to billions of UK consumers - when taking out mortgages, loans, store cards, credit cards and more - and thousands of people have still yet to make their claim.

Even if you have previously made a PPI claim that was rejected, it’s possible that you were given the wrong information by your bank or lender, so it’s still worth doing a PPI check to make sure for certain that you never took out a PPI policy.

Please note that many people never even realised they’d had PPI added to a financial product they took out. This in itself is mis-selling, as consumers must be made fully aware of a policy before it is added.

The top ways consumers in the UK were mis-sold PPI include:

  • You were told PPI was compulsory
  • You felt under pressure to agree to taking PPI
  • You weren't asked about your medical history
  • You were not in full-time employment
  • PPI was added automatically without your knowledge or consent
  • The policy was useless to you

If you had PPI, it’s almost certain that this product was mis-sold to you - and you are entitled to a refund. This is the law!

PPI and store cards

Remember the days of store cards? Back in the ‘90s and early 2000s, many high street stores such as Topshop and Debenhams encouraged their customers to take out store cards, a type of credit card that gave you in-store rewards and benefits. While store cards aren’t so popular today, they were very common some years ago, and it’s possible you had a tonne you don’t remember about. If you had a store card, it’s very likely you were (unnecessarily) sold PPI alongside it. A PPI check done by a reputable financial claims firm should be able to uncover this information for you.

PPI claims - How much money will I get from a PPI refund?

This totally depends on your personal circumstances, however, the average claim amount is £1,700. This is by no means a small amount of money! What could you do with this extra addition to your bank account?

GW client Mr Davies was delighted when he received a nice little top up to his family’s bank account balance after receiving compensation for a PPI policy he took out years ago. He used the extra cash to fund brand new carpet for the family home. There were even some funds left over, which will go towards new windows. Home improvements and even full-on renovations are a common way to take advantage of your PPI refund money.

Other clients have told us that their refunds will go towards:

  • Home improvements, just like Mr Davies’ case
  • Paying off debts, especially after the Christmas period
  • A contribution to a house deposit they are saving for
  • A getaway or family holiday
  • Money towards that much-needed new car
  • Presents for yourself or loved ones

Of course, what you do with the funds are completely up to you!

Remember, you must make begin your PPI check immediately

As the August deadline approaches, the PPI refund system is going to become extremely clogged. It is imperative that you check for PPI right now, to avoid undue delays.

Why choose GWlegal to complete your PPI check on your behalf?

Our team of legal professionals are experts in all things financial claims. They’ve successfully claimed back tens of thousands of pounds for clients, who have been mis-sold PPI.

On average, a PPI claim takes six to eight weeks. This is incredibly quick for any type of financial claim. If you try and do a check yourself, it will likely take months, and with the deadline approaching, nobody has that sort of time!

The GW team are professionals in this area and can help you uncover any PPI mis-sold to you, quickly and efficiently.

What are you waiting for?

The time to check for PPI is now.

Who are GWlegal?

GWlegal are a financial claims solicitors based in Liverpool, specialising in PPI, pay day loan claims, packaged bank account claims and housing disrepair claims.

If you have a legal matter you wish to discuss don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 0345 373 3737 or email us at hello@gw.legal with your question.

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How Do I Make A PPI Claim?

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