It’s not grim up north for landlords

Published: 26/04/2013

Southampton is the best place in England and Wales for landlords looking to expand their property portfolio, according to latest research from HSBC.

Analysing the fifty towns and cities with the highest ratio of private rental properties, Southampton topped the high street lenders’ buy to let hotspot list based on rental yields.

Yet despite topping the charts, Southampton was the only southern city to feature in the top five; the remaining four places awarded to Blackpool, Kinston upon Hull, Manchester and Nottingham.

London boroughs failed to reach the top ten; the highest place going to Southwark (13th).

Top 10 Buy to Let Hotspots by Rental Yield

Location Average property price Average rent (monthly) Rental yield (gross)
Southampton £183,311 £901 7.82%
Blackpool £75,943 £494 7.81%
Kingston upon Hull £69,519 £450 7.77%
Manchester £102,631 £650 7.60%
Nottingham £83,313 £524 7.55%
Coventry £104,970 £624 7.13%
Slough £171,581 £975 6.82%
Oxford £244,893 £1375 6.74%
Liverpool £91,012 £498 6.57%
Portsmouth £141,971 £775 6.55%

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