How your job can increase your chances of a car accident

Published: 09/10/2013

Data processors are most at risk of having a road traffic accident, a report by has revealed.

Analysing approximately 13 million car insurance quotes over the last 12 months, the comparison site was able to deduce which professions were the most likely to have an accident on the road. The figures were based on if the driver had made an ‘at fault’ claim on their car insurance.

Data processors topped the list with doctors and estate agents second and third respectively. Pickers and packers were deemed to be the safest drivers.

Peter Harrison is a Car Insurance Expert at Moneysupermarket:

“It’s surprising to see what your profession can say about your driving habits. Doctors, estate agents, chartered accountants and air cabin crew are all busy and demanding professions, so stress and lack of time could play a part in why those who do those jobs are more likely to make an ‘at fault’ car insurance claim.

“Regardless of what you do it’s vital you take care on the road and ensure you have the right level of cover to suit your needs.”

Professions most likely to have
a road traffic accident
Professions least likely to have
a road traffic accident
Data Processor Picker
Doctor Packer
Estate Agent Painter
Chartered Accountant Food Processor
Aircraft Cabin Crew Car Salesman
Solicitor Car Delivery Driver
Scientist Driver
Staff Nurse Car Body Repairer
Marketing Manager Construction Worker
Electronic Engineer Porter

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