How To Save Money

Published: 05/09/2019

You’ve got a dream. That might be to finally put down a deposit on your dream home. Take a solo round-the-world trip to find yourself. Expand your family. Whatever that dream is, chances are - it’s going to require a little bit of cash.

Saving money isn’t something to be taken lightly. It takes dedication, planning and hard work. Good news - it’s achievable for everybody. Here are our top tips for saving money so that you can finally take that #DreamTrip, buy that #DreamHouse or even have that #DreamBaby

Understand your goal

Before you do anything, you need to understand exactly how much savings you are going to need in your bank account to achieve your goal. Research, talk to others who have done the same thing, seek professional advice (e.g. a travel agent, financial advisor, etc.), calculate costs and contingencies and establish the exact figure you need to save. This is your financial goal

Make a budget 

To make a realistic budget that’s actually going to allow you to achieve your financial goal, you’ll need to be realistic. Include your income, all your monthly expenses (debts, bills, subscriptions, food and toiletries, medical expenses, entertainment etc), an emergency allowance and then allocate as much as possible to your savings pot. Record all your spending throughout the month. This will help keep you on track. Using a spreadsheet (or Google Sheets) is probably the easiest way to create a budget. There are also handy apps you can download such as Mint and Pocketguard. 

Netflix and Save 

Move aside Netflix and Chill, it’s now about Netflix and savings. Where can you cut down on costs? Do you really need that Netflix subscription as well as Spotify and Amazon Prime? Read a (second-hand or library) book instead!

Make smart food choices

While it is tempting for us all to head to Pret for breakfast, lunch and snacks during the week, inflated takeaway prices quickly add up. Do a big grocery shop on the weekend and bring a packed lunch instead. We’ll leave it up to you as to whether you’re hardcore enough to give up the morning Starbucks or Costa run - but remember, even the pennies do count in the end!

Go dry

Do you know what the most expensive item on any meal bill is? Yep, we all know it, it’s the booze (inserts crying face). Giving up alcohol for a while (or at least reducing your intake) will not only benefit your mind and body but your bank account too.

Get crafty 

There are a number of ways to save and even make money whilst buying groceries and other essentials. Clipping coupons is one - coupons can be picked up from numerous places including free in store magazines, online or I have seen them alongside my grocery receipts. Cashback is another great option. Cashback sites such as Topcashback and Quidco offer a percentage of your purchase back when shopping. Phone apps such as Shopmium or Checkoutsmart offer cash back on your in-store purchases.

Keep yourself motivated 

Create Pinterest boards that remind you of your end goal (that could be a board featuring travel destinations, home interiors, places you’ll drive to in your new car…). Place motivation messages in places you frequent often throughout the day (your home office, the fridge, your bathroom mirror). Open a high-interest savings account so you can see your savings growing, effortlessly. Treating yourself to something indulgent once a month is also a nice way to motivate yourself. 

Before you know it, your dream will be a reality.

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