How to reclaim PPI at the busiest time of year

Published: 27/10/2014

Life’s busy at the best of time but things can get crazy in the lead up to Christmas. Evenings draw in earlier and earlier, mornings arrive later and later and we’re left feeling that there’s even less time in the day than usual. So how on earth can you fit in reclaiming PPI as well as everything else?!

Our dedicated team have been helping people reclaim mis sold PPI for over four years and have recovered over £46million in compensation.

While you can pursue a claim yourself, we have found it’s one of those jobs that often gets forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This means money that is rightly yours remains with the banks.

Five little minutes…

However this needn’t be the case. Simply complete our Letter of Authority, a very short form requesting a few basic bits of information, and we can then take on your case and handle everything on your behalf.

This not only means we can find out if you have any mis sold PPI policies, including any hidden PPI, but also check if you have been mis sold a packaged bank account.

According to the BBC one in five packaged bank accounts may have been mis sold and, while they may appear somewhat small monthly payments, the overall cost can quickly add up. For example if you paid £ 10 a month for 5 years, we would be looking for a refund of £600 plus interest which in our book is better in your pocket than the banks!

To see if you have any mis sold PPI policies or even a mis sold packaged bank account, simply contact our team to request a Letter of Authority.

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