How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Published: 16/08/2019

We think it’s fair to say that summer has officially arrived in the UK. Recently temperatures soared to a scorching 38.1 degrees Celsius in Cambridge, the country’s hottest ever July day.

It can only be presumed that August will continue to see long, warm and, in some cases, boiling (anyone who catches the London tube in the warmer months, we’re looking… sympathetically… at you) summer days and nights. Indeed, weather forecasters expect high temperatures to persist well into September this year. Given that apartments and houses in the mild UK are generally designed to keep heat in, insulated for the more common cooler temperatures, we thought it might be useful to provide our clients with some tips on how to keep cool inside this summer…

1. Invest in a good fan 

A good quality fan perched in front of your bed, desk or couch is going to be a life-saver, especially if you’re trying to work from home, fall asleep or simply relax after a long, sweaty day at work. As well as offering high speeds, an important consideration when purchasing a fan is that it’s relatively quiet. There is nothing worse than a noisy, buzzing fan keeping you awake when you’re already hot and bothered! 

There are fans of all shapes, sizes and price points available on the market these days. According to Smarter Living site, “To choose the right fan, first consider the size of the area you want to cool. A desktop fan may be fine for smaller rooms, whereas a standing or floor fan will be more effective for larger spaces. Tower fans (vertical and rectangular) are more compact, discreet and stylish than pedestal fans (stands with big blades at the top), but the latter is usually a lot more powerful.”

Here are a few fans the site rates highly…

The Dyson Pure Cool 

While by no means budget (it will set you back more than £600), the Dyson is a truly beautiful piece of design that will cool your living space instantly and relatively silently. It also purifies the air. If you can afford it, the Dyson is a no-brainer during the summer months. It’s the best money can buy. 

The Meacofan 1056 Air Circulato

This handy little fan more or less does the same job as the Dyson but for a much more reasonable price point (less than £200). The only flaw? It’s a little less pretty to look at. If you need to cool a smaller area (such as a bedroom and need to place it on a bedside table), the smaller 360 Personal Air Circulator by the same brand is also a good choice. Dyson also has (a much pricier) desktop equivalent. 

The Bionaire Tower Fan With Remote
According to, this tower fan is one of the best cheap options out there. It’s less than £70, super-powerful, oscillates and has a remote. Score!

2. Place a bowl of ice in front of the fan

Once you’ve selected the perfect fan for you and your home, it’s time to employ a few tricks of the trade! Sure, a fan will blow air around, but that’s no good if the air is hot. To help avoid this problem, try placing a bowl of ice in front of the fan. This will cool the air the fan is blowing considerably. As the ice starts to melt, it will help create the much-needed moisture required to cool you down.

3. Open your windows at night

You may be in the habit of opening your windows in the day and closing them during the night, but during the warmer weather, it may be worth your while to do so in reverse. Keeping your home closed during the day when temperatures are high and changing the air when things have cooled down in the darker hours will make a huge difference to how bearable it is inside! It’s a simple old wives’ trick, but it works. 

4. Buy black-out curtains

The sun directly shining on your windows can make your home feel like a greenhouse! If you don’t have shutters or they’re not cutting it, opt for black-out curtains instead. Use them during the day or hotter hours and you’ll notice a real difference

5. Get some house plants

Got a stuffy room or two? Adding some house plants to the hotter parts of your home will bring moisture to the room and help cool it down. The most effective plants are peace lilies and rubber plants. House plants also reduce indoor pollutants and help clarify the air. 

6. Stick to cotton or linen

Just as you should avoid wearing synthetic, sweat-inducing materials during a heatwave, it’s smart-thinking to opt for natural fibres in your sheets and bedding. Cotton or linen are breathable fabrics that will keep you much cooler than manmade fabrics such as polyester. 

7. Turn the lights off

It’s a no-brainer really. Artificial lighting makes you hotter. Avoid them wherever possible and use energy efficient bulbs. 

8. Don’t charge your electronics at night

If you’ve got your phone or computer charging near your sleeping space, this is going to create more heat and potentially prevent you from sleeping. Avoid it! 

9. Avoid using the oven

Do we really need to explain why?

10. Have a cold or lukewarm shower before bed

This really will help you to cool down and sleep better. Of course, drinking lots of water is recommended too. 

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