Buy to Let Mortgages - How low can they go?

Published: 05/02/2014

With buy to let mortgage rates falling to their lowest ever level with two year rates it is not surprising that 57 per cent of existing landlords are planning on buying more properties this year.

A sixth of the population now live in private rented accommodation, approximately double the number of private tenants in 2000.

Unsurprisingly London is leading the way in terms of renters with nearly 25 per cent of people living in the capital doing so in rented accommodation. The Humber and the South West have the second and third largest population of renters while the North East has the smallest number of tenants in England.

Regional growth in private rental sector

Solicitor and Head of GW LET (Landlord Empowerment Team), Rob Denman, comments:

“These figures really show how different the private rental sector is now compared to a decade ago. Well over a tenth of the population in every region of the UK are now private renters; not even London could muster that sort of proportion 10 years ago so it really goes to show the depth of the market there now is.

“Landlords looking to expand their property portfolio can trust their buy to let purchase to Goldsmith Williams. And if you need to remortgage first to free up some equity we can deal with that too.”

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