How Knightrider’s Kit could reduce road traffic accidents

Published: 30/08/2012

Hundreds of vehicles in Michigan, USA have been fitted with new technology which enables them to “talk” and alert drivers of potential dangerous situations on the road in an attempt to prevent road traffic accidents.

According to US figures more than 32,000 killed on the road because of car crashes. The government believes that 80 per cent of road accidents which did not involve drink or drug driving could have ultimately been prevented by this level of technology.

The kit will allow vehicles to communicate with each other by sending data before warning drivers if:

  • There is a risk they could crash into another vehicle at crossings where their view is restricted
  • If another vehicle is changing lanes in their blind spot
  • If there is a danger of rear end collision because the car in front of them has braked suddenly.

David Strickland is a member of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

“[It] has the potential to be the ultimate game-changer in roadway safety.

“But we need to understand how to apply the technology in an effective way in the real world.”

There are currently around 500 trucks and buses fitted with these communication devices with aims to expand to 2800 by the start of October.

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