Higher penalties required to deter uninsured drivers

Published: 13/09/2012

Uninsured drivers are being fined as little as three times less than the cost of the average annual insurance policy, according to new latest figures.

The figures, based on 3793 motorists in Greater Manchester who were prosecuted for driving without insurance last year, show the average fine was just £256.69.

The annual cost of car insurance stands at approximately three times this amount (£797) but nearly ten times the average cost for a 17-20 year old driver (£2491). This has prompted safety campaigners to call for heavier penalties in an attempt to help prevent road traffic accidents.

Nick Batty is from road safety pressure group, Brake:

“Research shows that people who take to road uninsured are more likely to crash and cause tragic deaths and injuries, so it’s vital that we see action to remove these highly irresponsible and illegal drivers from our roads.

“The recent government proposal that the fixed penalty for driving without insurance is increased to £300 is a step in the right direction, but does not go far enough.

“The average cost of car insurance in the UK is £800. We would therefore recommend setting a penalty level of £1000 at the very least, or ideally more than £2000, to provide an effective deterrent to driving without insurance.”

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