Happy One Year Anniversary To Our Rebrand

Published: 04/09/2018

Doesn’t time just fly when you’re having fun?

Here at GWlegal, we certainly think so, especially given it has been a whole year… yep, that’s right - 365 entire days, since we rebranded from Goldsmith Williams Solicitors and adopted a brand new look and feel.

The 4th of September marks our one year anniversary as GWlegal.

To celebrate, we thought we’d recap everything exciting that’s gone on since then, as well as answer a few common questions we have received since the big change. What does a rebrand involve? Was it worth it? How has the firm changed since then?

The Rebrand - What Does A Rebrand Involve? How Do You Rebrand?

The most obvious elements of a company rebrand are the visual bits, such as the firm’s logo, promotional materials, website and social media presence. Well, that is, apart from the most massive change - our name!

At the heart of our rebrand was the refreshed logo, featuring the letters GW within a vibrant teal-blue circle, and representing the firm’s fully-rounded legal proposition. GWlegal offers services in conveyancing, remortgage and equity release; financial claims; personal injury and wills and probate. It will continue to investigate new areas of work. The logo reflects that. Before changing something as significant as your company’s logo, it is vital to consider what you want to convey and how to best do so visually. You may want to enlist the assistance of a designer, although at GWlegal, we worked in-house.

The other important visual elements of a rebrand include:

  • Your website:

    Our talented IT and marketing teams created an attractive and modern new website, reflecting our renewed look, as well as updating our case management system GWlive.

  • Your URL:

    At GWlegal, for example, clients benefited from our new modern web address gw.legal which omits the need to type www.

  • Your social media:

    Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, should be an extension of your website in terms of tone, look and feel, and add a more personalised touch to your online presence.

  • Your other promotional materials:

    Don’t forget that every material that is sent your clients and brokers will need to align with the new branding, from letters to brochures.

Was The Rebrand Worth it?


We couldn’t be more delighted about how well our rebrand was received by clients, introducers and the legal community in general.

GWlegal, or Goldsmith Williams, has always been a modern firm at the forefront of legal technology and processes, but our old name, logo and look in general just did not reflect that. Therefore, how could we expect clients and partners to believe us when we said it?

Overwhelmingly, feedback has been positive and our client rating on Solicitor.Info remains at five-stars. Yay!

The Office Move

Because we love to go all out here at GW HQ, our rebrand was also accompanied by an office move. We relocated from the historic Mersey Chambers in Liverpool’s commercial district, across the road, to the uber contemporary 20 Chapel Street office building.

Our work space is 13,000-square foot, custom-designed, and if we do say so ourselves, totally gorgeous!

By most accounts, our New York-style kitchen/canteen area win’s the staff award for most popular area. This is also where we often hold charity bake sales, and the coffee and vending machines live, so it’s no surprise why!

What has GWlegal Been Up To Since The Rebrand?

Oh so much!

Let’s recap a few highlights and milestones…

First Moments For First-Time Property Buyers - In the first few months of the year, we launched our First Moments service for first time property buyers (FTBs). The main objective of this service was to make the often stressful and totally daunting prospect of purchasing your first home fun, easier and even more rewarding. First Moments provides FTBs with:

  • £100 off the GWlegal legal and admin fee upon completion.
  • A £25 voucher to use at your choice of IKEA, B&Q or Amazon upon completion.
  • GWlegal’s Your Guide as a First Time Buyer, a handy PDF guide crafted by our property experts answering all the common (and less common) questions asked during the conveyancing process.
  • Five #FirstMoment Selfie Cards

Our superhero staff - Since the rebrand, Team GW has been more involved in charity efforts than ever. Recently, 40 members of staff climbed mount Snowdon in Wales to raise funds for Dementia UK and Alzheimer’s Society. The Gwynedd mountain is the highest in Wales, at an elevation of 1,085 metres above sea level, and the highest point in the British Isles outside the Scottish Highlands. The idea to climb Snowdon originated from, equity release administrator, Fran Quinn. In total, £3,986 was raised.

Helen Airey, a Fee Earner in our Remortgage team, also jumped 17000-ft from an aeroplane for Marie Curie. Meanwhile, staff at GW helped fundraise by wearing yellow to support the cause. Helen raised a total of £1187 for Marie Curie. The ‘yellow day’ in GW raised a total of £112 – which the partners raised to £250! That’s not to mention other staff initiatives such as bake sales to raise money for the likes of Liverpool Pride and breast cancer research.

Our beloved partner Eddie Goldsmith retired

After more than 30 years’ with the firm, founding partner Eddie announced his retirement from the legal business. We can’t thank Eddie enough for everything he has done. A true expert in the conveyancing field, he personally mentored decades’ worth of solicitors and support staff, who will no doubt carry on his legacy.

To learn more about the history of GWlegal, click here

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