Halifax hike could be brokers gain

Published: 07/03/2012

It is estimated 850,000 Halifax customers are facing an increase in their mortgage repayments as the lender announced a rise in its standard variable rate (SVR) from 3.50 per cent to 3.99 per cent.

The news comes after the high street bank last week revealed it was increasing its SVR cap from 3 per cent above base rate to 3.75 per cent.

The figures

Such an increase will have a considerable impact on homeowner’s already dwindling finances. For example:

For a client who has 20 years and £150,000 left on their mortgage, they will see and increase of £38.25 a month, that’s £459 a year.

While these figures appear bleak, there could be a silver lining to the news in the form of much needed remortgage activity.

Recent figures revealed 58 per cent of homeowners have never remortgaged. However such an escalated increase could prompt previously reluctant homeowners into reviewing their options.

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