Green Deal offers a great opportunity for landlords, say GW LET

Published: 11/03/2013

Legal lettings expert GW LET is encouraging landlords to embrace the proposed Green Deal changes and, in fact, getting ahead of the game could help landlords offer more marketable properties.

The Green Deal aims to help homes implement energy saving improvements such as loft, cavity and wall insulation and double glazing which could not only reduce energy bills but our overall carbon footprint. Through the Green Deal homeowners can apply for financial help.

From 2016, landlords can no longer refuse to execute such changes should a tenant request them and from 2018 would no longer be able to let property with a poor Energy Performance Rating (F or G rated).

Whilst the first deadline remains three years away, John Jones of GW LET believes landlords should implement these changes as soon as possible:

“At a time when everyone is increasingly concerned about rising energy bills, fitting out a rental property with these energy saving improvements could help a landlord really stand out.

“Implementing these changes ahead of the game could also help landlords with a portfolio of properties spread the cost of such upgrades as well as avoiding the delays which will inevitably happen as the deadlines draw closer.”

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