Good news for landlords as rent arrears drop

Published: 28/06/2013

The total amount of late or unpaid rent has dropped by £6 million in the last month, according to latest figures from letting agent LSL.

The decline in rent arrears coincides with a slight dip in rent increases. Over the year average monthly rents have increased by 0.3 per cent. However, since April rents have only risen 0.1% and now stand at £737 per month.

A landlord’s biggest worry

Rent arrears are understandably one of a landlord’s greatest concerns. It is essential that any landlord with tenants in rent arrears addresses the situation immediately in order to mitigate the financial impact. At such a time, GW LET is an invaluable resource as solicitor, Rob Denman, explains:

“Evicting a tenant, even if they are in rent arrears, is not as straightforward as many landlords presume.

“To evict a tenant before the end of their tenancy, the tenant must first be in severe rent arrears (of two months/eight weeks or more) or are regularly late paying their rent.

“A landlord must then serve their tenant with a Section 8 Notice. Should the tenant remain in the property, the landlord must then obtain an order for possession from the court before enlisting the help of the court bailiff.”

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