Goldsmith Williams to re-focus on lender introduced business

Published: 22/07/2014

"Goldsmith Williams has been a key player in the residential conveyancing market for the last thirty years’, explained Eddie Goldsmith, Senior Partner at Goldsmith Williams. ‘During that time we’ve built up a unique network of industry connections and unparalleled specialist skills, supporting lenders in the delivery of their short and long term propositions.

"We’ve recently reviewed our operations and recognised that we now have an opportunity to continue to develop our services so that they are even more closely aligned to the lender’s and in so doing deliver a highly specialised service in the areas of residential conveyancing, remortgage and bridging. We believe that this decision is in the best interests of our clients since it will enable us to overcome any future capacity issues.

"Currently our key partner is Precise who have enjoyed phenomenal growth since their launch four years ago and we’ve recently been approached by two new emerging lenders who are looking to utilise our specialist skills.

"Whilst this will mean that there will be some restrictions in accepting future business as we will no longer be taking instructions directly from brokers and introducers we will continue to deal with the broker market through our lender connections.

"Over the last thirty years I’m proud to say that Goldsmith Williams has built a reputation for being considered as a member of the brokers’ team working closely with them and the lenders to deliver the highest standards of service for our clients. By refining our proposition this way we will continue to provide a specialist service to brokers and packagers across the industry through our close relationships with Precise and other lenders."

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