Fun Activities For Kids Over The Summer Holidays

Published: 20/07/2018

It’s official - heat waves have hit, the flip flops are out and us Brits are complaining more than ever). Summer is here!

The team here at GWlegal has mixed views about the warmer months. Alex, from our marketing department, prefers a more chilled-out (literally, lower temperatures) vibe when relaxing in his home, which also happens to be an historic old school house with open fire (go figure!). Our ICT manager Chris, on the other hand, can’t get enough of the heat and, when not solving all of the firm’s IT dilemmas, is usually booking holidays to exotic locations around the world, because, let’s face it, summer in Britain is just never long enough!

With the summer holiday season here, and many days of planning required to keep the kids entertained, we thought we’d ask some of our staff for their favourite destinations to visit these summer holidays...

  1. Gavin, property sales, is a lover of history and an avid coin collector. His top pick for the whole family this summer is the National History Museum in London. From dinosaurs for the little ones to fascinating historical artefacts for the grown-ups, there is something to intrigue literally everyone there.

  2. Teresa, also from our property sales team, is nothing without her family, she proudly says. Her summer will be spent spending time with her young grandchildren. She recommends Pepper Pig World (the look on the little ones’ faces is enough in itself!) as well as Gulliver’s World, which is boasted as the ‘best family day out in Cheshire’, given it’s home to over 80 rides and attractions!

  3. Alex, Lee and Emily, from our marketing team, are all in agree that the Harry Potter Studios, in Watford, London, make for the best day out, ever. The most magical experience for kids, grown-ups and ‘big kids’ like members from this particular GW department!

  4. Chris Martin, our ICT expert, is a thrill-seeker at heart (you wouldn’t know it, given it’s precise approach to all things IT), so he recommends a trip up mount Snowdon in Wales. This is the biggest Welsh mountain and a truly satisfying feat once conquered, with breath-taking views. Great for teenagers and adults. If you’re not so fit, why not start training now and tackle the climb when the weather cools down a little, Chris suggests? He also loves Go Ape!

  5. Richard Espley, our director of Equity release, can’t go past a good old-fashioned game of football in the park. The best thing about this suggestion is that any open space will do! Get out your ball, gather your mates, and get the game going.

Other ways to make the most of your break

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  2. Buy that dream home!

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  3. Take steps towards selling your property

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Get ready for the best advice of all...

Enjoy your summer! This is the most important tip of all.

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