Flick the switch on road traffic accidents

Published: 29/04/2014

Road traffic accidents are more likely to happen on unlit roads, new research suggests.

According to a report in The Times, 324 more people were injured in a road accident when the street lights were turned off than in areas where lights remained on throughout the night. This equated to a 27 per cent increase in serious injuries.

In direct contrast the AA has released figures which show night time accidents on well-lit 30mph urban roads have decreased by 15.6 per cent.

Personal injury solicitor, Kevin Smith, comments:

“In a bid to cuts costs and help reduce our carbon footprint some local councils have understandably opted to flick the switch on street lights during midnight and 5am.

“However as these figures indicate drivers are far more likely to be injured in an accident in poorly lit conditions. As a result some councils have now turned back on street lights in certain areas. I just hope others follow suit and put safety before savings.”

Content correct at time of publication

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