Five reasons to trust GWlegal with your PPI or other financial claim

Published: 11/05/2017

1) The stats speak for themselves

Since 2009. we have claimed back more than £65million in mis-sold PPI payments for our clients.

2) Experience matters

GW has more than 30 years’ experience and most of our staff boasts long-service status, making us a firm you can most certainly trust.

The FC department is headed by Paul Cahill, who has been dealing with PPI and other financial claims since qualifying is a solicitor in 2008. Paul has been involved in PPI claims since the start, and few can match the amount of experience he has dealing with them.

3) We’re real people, not online bots

GW is extremely invested in tech, sure. Our clients benefit from fully functional website, online case management services and an active social media presence. However, good people are at the core of everything GW does.

You can lodge a financial claim with an online-only company that may offer (what appear to be) cheap rates and a speedy service without the need to take phone calls or send back forms in the post. However, instructing an online firm to act on your behalf is at your own (often dire) risk.

Examples of PPI and other claim-related scams have been widely reported in the past several years, with many online firms in particular unlawfully asking clients to ‘pay to claim’ and charging other unreasonable fees (e.g. if you decide, after signing up, not to use the service). Respected firms like GW operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and there are never hidden fees. Everything is disclosed to you in writing. It’s risk-free.

4) We will check ALL your account details

If an online deal seems ‘to be good to be true’, chances are it is!

The benefit of deciding to lodge a financial claim with GW is we will fight for you. We will check through the details of every account you've had. 

Many other firms deal with only the big lenders, so you could easily sign up, lodge a claim, and ultimately waste your time and see no result.

5) We take the burden off you!

These things can be tedious work. That’s why we do it for you!

You could spend days tracking down your current and previous banks/lenders, going through countless pages of statements, and try to deal with often unhelp bank personnel all by yourself.

Or you could instruct GW and our dedicated financial claims team will take care of all the hassle for you.

Furthermore, for some cases, it could be required to go to court (e.g. if you’ve a pre-2005 case that isn’t from a bank and instead, say, a car financial deal), so a solicitor on your side really is necessary to succeed.

GW is a local Liverpool firm with national reach, dealing with property law, equity release, personal injury and wills & probate. Partners Eddie, Simon and Chris pride themselves on offering the highest quality of legal service.

Content correct at time of publication

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