Equity release could soothe annuity anxiety

Published: 07/09/2012

Retirees are being encouraged to consider equity release should their annuity fail to meet their income needs.

Equity release provider Bridgewater Equity Release has found an increasing number of retirees are left with a financial void after cashing in their pension pots to buy their annuity and has produced an aid entitled “What if the annuity isn’t enough”.

Chris Prior is the Business Development Manager at Bridgewater Equity Release:

“Pension pots and annuity rates are not providing the income many retirees anticipated and media coverage of this is sending clients to their financial advisers to address this problem.

“There will be any number of different solutions to such an issue and this sales aid is designed to highlight the role that equity release can potentially play.”

“What if the annuity isn’t enough” is available for download on the Bridgewater Equity Release website.

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