Elderly carers could be helped by CCG funding

Published: 27/05/2015

During the last decade the number of elderly people caring for a family member has doubled according to a report from Age UK and Carers UK. There are now 87,000 over 85year olds acting as carers with over half of them spending 50 or more hours a week caring. The support these carers receive – either services to help them cope or to assess their needs has dropped by 9% since 2007.

Most of the carers surveyed are over 65 and caring for a partner whilst others are caring for very elderly parents and / or have caring responsibilities for grandchildren.

Carers UK estimate that the care delivered in this way is saving the country £15bn a year but at great cost to the health and well-being of the carers themselves. Many of these elderly carers suffer from anxiety and depression.

Lee Baker, Head of Care Home Fees comments:

“As the UK population ages then, whilst people will live longer, a growing number will do so suffering from chronic conditions. What many people don’t realise is that there is already help available to ease the burden on these older carers.

“If the family member being cared for is suffering from a condition such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s or from a condition arising from a stroke, diabetes or epilepsy and this condition is of such severity that it gives rise to a primary health need meaning that the family member requires nursing care then this care should be funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Some of these older carers may be struggling on in the belief that any care would need to be financed by them when in fact their relative might meet the criteria for CCG funding. It is always worth checking out whether your relative’s health falls into the category of a primary health need.”

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