Easter Decorating Ideas For Your Home and Garden

Published: 17/04/2019

Having the family around this Easter weekend? Want to surprise the kids or your partner with a little holiday cheer? Or maybe you’re simply feeling extra festive ahead of the 21st.

Here are a few ideas - budget-friendly and more elaborate - to get your living room, kitchen or outdoor areas looking EGG-xtra Easter-appropriate.

Easter decorating ideas - on a budget

Get crafty with the kids and make some adorable carrot footprints that you can then use to decorate the house come Easter day.

We recently wrote an article about ways to make your home pinterest-worthy on a budget and, of course, mason jars were featured heavily. Again, these humble jars (found in dollar shops or probably your kitchen cupboards) are a useful tool to decorate this Easter.

Some cool ideas to decorate with mason jars this Easter include:

If you’re still feeling crafty after going to town with all those mason jars, why not decorate some old kitchen utensils to create some fun props for your Easter egg hunt? Check these adorable ‘spoons’ out.

Easter decorating ideas - creative

This carrot centrepiece is a truly unique way to liven up your kitchen or living room table (and encourage the kids to eat their veggies too!)

Who said trees were just for Christmas? Get super crafty with an Easter egg tree or, if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, use balloons to decorate a real tree in your yard, as done here.

Clearly, we love a good centrepiece here at GW, because here’s another idea we love - and all you need are eggs (real ones, not chocolate!), sweet peas, geranium leafs and a wire basket or similar.

Easter decorating ideas - for the home

Easter decorating ideas - for the yard or garden area

Dreaming of a home of your own to spend the holidays in?

There is nothing more special that decorating a home of your own, in which you and your loved ones can enjoy the holidays together. If you’ve not yet made the step towards home ownership, maybe you can bookmark this article for next year? Here at GWlegal, we have almost 35 years’ experience in conveyancing and property law, and we everyday help clients achieve their dreams of buying a home of their own.

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