Doubts surrounding RTA portal changes delivery date

Published: 16/11/2012

There is fresh doubt about the implementation of the RTA portal after its operator confirmed there are “no guarantees” that the changes required will be ready in time for April 2013.

The portal, designed to allow for a swifter claims process due to the electronic exchange of all relevant claim information and related documentation, currently only handles road traffic accident cases with a maximum value of £10,000. The scheduled changes would not only see the maximum RTA case value increased to £25,000 but also extend its use to accident at work claims (employer liability) and slips, trips and falls (public liability).

Tim Wallis is the Chairman of RTA Portal Co:

“We will continually assess the systems requirements as more details emerge in the coming weeks and months. We know that our user community is anxious about the timetable and ensuring they can develop their systems in time to support these changes.

“In the meantime we are going as far as we can to develop the system as part of the intention to implement this by April 2013 but there are no guarantees.”

There are many concerns from within the personal injury industry about the changes to the RTA portal; a survey of PI firms, conducted by the Law Society, revealed margins are already fairly small and these changes could see firms struggle to break even.

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