Consumer Rights Act comes into force 1st October 2015

Published: 07/10/2015

The Consumer Rights Act has now come into force. Everyday Legal first reported on this back in April. Here’s a handy reminder of some of the main points of this new law.

The act says that goods should be of satisfactory quality for the price, fit for purpose and should meet the expectations of the customer.

  • Anyone who buys faulty goods will be entitled to a full refund for up to 30 days after the purchase.
  • Anyone who buys digital content will be entitled to a full refund or replacement if the goods are faulty and if a download affects a computer with a virus the provider could have to compensate the user so they can get the virus removed.
  • The act covers the purchase of second hand goods.
  • The act gives stronger rights to the purchasers of services eg: having a haircut and requires that the work is carried out with reasonable care otherwise the service provider is obliged to put things right/ give some money back.

When disputes occur consumers can take their complaint to Alternative Dispute Resolution providers eg: the Consumer Ombudsman.

You can find more information about this here:

Consumer Rights Act

Consumer Ombudsman

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