CLS cranks up ABS plans

Published: 11/11/2011

Co-operative legal services (CLS) had taken a big leap in its Alternative Business Structure strategy by appointing three bigwigs from TV Edwards to head up the development of a family law operation.

Jenny Beck, Christina Blacklaws and Chris May are poised to join CLS; the move a further reminder of how Alternative Business Structure will change the face of legal services and how businesses must adapt in order to survive in the industry.

Alternative Business Structure, under the Legal Services Act 2007, are designed to make legal services more accessible for consumers by allowing lawyers and non-lawyers to share the management and control of a legal services business.

Many people have a certain view of legal services and the professionals offering them, finding them unapproachable, expensive and convoluted. Alternative Business Structure could help dissolve these negative associations.

Leicester-based firm, Premier Property Lawyers, is currently the only licensed Alternative Business Structure. It is the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s aim to be able to approve licences from January 2012.

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