Caffeine can help prevent a road traffic accident

Published: 22/03/2013

Drivers who consume caffeine during a long journey are less likely to have an accident on the road, latest figures suggest.

The research, published by, found that long distance lorry drivers who drink coffee or energy drinks or take energy tablets were two thirds less than likely to have a crash than those who do not.

Lisa Sharwood is a researcher from the University of Sydney:

“Caffeine can significantly protect against crash risk for the long distance commercial driver. This has important implications for the improvement of fatigue management strategies.”

However Ms Sharwood was quick to point out that such stimulants were no replacement for sleep.

Lorry drivers were used in the research due the nature of their work which regularly sees them endure lengthy and monotonous journeys, two elements recognised to cause drowsiness and, ultimately road traffic accidents.

According to The Department for Transport Reported Road Casualties Annual report, fatigue caused over 1700 road traffic accidents, over 300 of which resulted in serious personal injury.

Content correct at time of publication

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