Bumps in the road

Published: 21/05/2014

Expectant mothers should take extra care when driving after latest research revealed being pregnant significantly increases this risk of having a road traffic accident.

In a Canadian study of more than 500,000 pregnant women, the risk of being involved in an accident on the road rose by 42 per cent with one in every 50 women expected to suffer a car crash when driving whilst pregnant.

However the cause of this increase appears a little sketchy. While there is mention of the effects of ‘baby brain’ the report did not directly cite this as the contributory factors.

The report reads:

“Subjective disturbances during pregnancy are commonly reported in the obstetrical literature where absent-mindedness is denoted as ‘baby brain’ or other negative terms.

“Community surveys about half of pregnant women complain of sporadic cognitive lapses; however laboratory studies in this setting provide results with uncertain clinical relevance.”

Lead researcher Dr Donald Redelmeier warns of the dangers a road accident could have:

“Even a minor motor vehicle crash during pregnancy could lead to irreparable consequences for mother and child. These findings indicate that good prenatal care includes safe driving.”

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