Booming bridging calls for streamlined conveyancing

Published: 29/11/2013

With the news that bridging lending is up significantly to over £100m this quarter there’s never been a better time to review the bridging conveyancing propositions in the market place to ensure you are accessing the most streamlined service.

‘Many Bridging Lenders have recognised the importance of a highly efficient process as a key part of their bridging proposition’ explained Eddie Goldsmith, Senior Partner at property solicitors Goldsmith Williams ‘and fundamental to this is slick conveyancing. Introducers who want to fully realise the business potential of this bridging boom should ensure they have identified the optimum conveyancing services for their clients.

One new development we’ve spearheaded is a joint representation service. Whilst not appropriate in every case, joint representation can not only accelerate completion and reduce costs but also lessens the stress for the borrower by removing the need to deal with multiple firms of lawyers, a welcome benefit during a time critical process.

Another critical factor to bear in mind when selecting a conveyancer for this type of work is the quality accreditations the firm has earned – look for a firm who hold the Law Society’s prestigious Conveyancing Quality Scheme and take a note of any other accreditations for quality such as the ISO 9001 accreditation that your shortlisted firm’s hold.

The tenor of coverage of the property market in general in the media is, at last, taking a more consistent up-beat tone – something the market has waited a long time to see. And, if there are better times ahead in the bridging sector then I’d encourage all brokers to make sure they gain maximum benefit of this increased business by selecting efficient, high quality conveyancing services.’

Content correct at time of publication

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